Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Vintage Leaves

Growing up at home, Mom had some crocheted "leaves" made from a white yarn that she used either on chair arms, or as "doilies" on an end table or such. I didn't keep them, not sure where they even went. But a while back, I was looking at some fall crochet stuff on the internet. All of a sudden, a pattern for these cropped up. "AHHHH!!! IT'S THOSE LEAVES!!!! I MUST MAKE SOME!!!!" So I got obsessed with these for awhile and crocheted up quite a stack of them. These are smaller, and have little curliques at the ends of the rows, but they're basically the same as the ones I remember that Mom made. I think these are supposed to be "dishcloths," but you could use them as coasters, pot holders, decorations, whatever. Anyway, I sure had fun, both making them, and remembering "home" a little.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Birthday Throw

A V-stitch throw I made for Younger Son for his birthday a couple or so weeks ago.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Arms Will Be Warm

I finished the longer fingerless mitts (wrist warmers). They aren't supposed to match, as the skeins of this yarn vary in how the colors come out. They are made from Lion Brand's "Amazing" yarn in "Glacier Bay." This is a wool-acrylic blend, and I love it. I tried them on, and they are nice and toasty and comfortable. Just in time for winter to hit.

A Pile of Cats

This was taken a week ago, and I've since finished the crocheting part a couple of nights ago. All I have to do now is weave in the ends. NOT my favorite part, but will get it done.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Wool Warmth

I'm working on some fingerless mitts, in a longer version that will come up my arms a ways. With the cooler weather setting in, they will help keep my hands and wrists warm. My hands get so cold in the winter. This yarn is Lion Brand's "Amazing," in "Glacier Bay." It's mostly wool, so will be nice and toasty to wear. These pictures were taken out in the front yard, today is a foggy-cloudy day, with a chance of storms this evening, and more storminess tomorrow and tomorrow night. Excellent knitting weather!

Second one finished, just needs the side seams sewn.

Starting on the second one.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Yarn Update

YES, I got that yarn all separated. WHEW. You can be sure I won't do that again. Don't know why I thought at the time I had to wind the three yarns into one ball before I started the project. A friend of mine pointed out to just hold the three strands together as you crochet, keeping the skeins separate. Now I know! Then I started in on Younger Son's birthday afghan. Yes, there are going to be several shades of red in it, and no, none of them match. That's the intent, partly because it's all I have at the moment. I'll perhaps call it "Berry Chocolate Afghan." ha ha

Friday, October 18, 2013

A Tangled Mess I Wove

Note the large, multi-colored planet below, with three distinct moons orbiting nearby. A long time ago, I got a "bright" idea to combine three different colors of yarn into one big ball of yarn. Then, use an extra-large crochet hook to make a thick, quick afghan for Younger Son. I did a dab of that, then it went into forgotten hibernation for a long, long time. His birthday is coming up in less than a month, and I recently decided to use this yarn to make something up for him, much like I did for Older Son (see a previous post), but NOT WHAT I FIRST INTENDED. So it's necessary to undo this combined mess. Well, putting the three yarns together was definitely easier than taking them apart again, because TWISTING and TANGLING tend to occur in the unwinding/winding process. So it's SLOW AND TEDIOUS to undo this big ball of three combined yarns back into three separate colors so that I can proceed with some kind of NORMAL project.

This is what I'm dealing with.

This is what I want to end up with.

But THIS tangled mess is in the way. IT IS A TEST OF ENDURANCE AND PATIENCE.

Appropriate Colors for a Fall Milo Stubble Field

This was yesterday evening, while sitting in a milo stubble field while Hubby hunted dove. We have our camp chairs, and I usually bring something like a book to read, or as in this case, some yarn projects. And some water or a soft drink, and maybe a snack. When I started knitting, I felt a little "clashy," between the yarn I was working with and the fall folliage all around.

Not very appropriate - cotton in spring-y colors. But I'm always working on a dishcloth to build up the stash for selling or gifts or my own use.

More appropriate - nice shades of blue and such, in a mostly-wool blend. This is the re-do of the longer fingerless mitts/wrist warmers.

Definitely appropriate - something made of camouflage yarn in a hunting setting. Do I blend in enough? LOL (I'm still not thrilled with these wrist warmers, but oh well, they're warm.)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Birthday Afghan

A couple of weeks ago, our Older Son turned 21. So I made him an afghan out of colors he likes. I'd had this yarn on hand for a long time, intending to do this but never had yet. So a month or so before his birthday, I got in gear and made this for him.

Finished Mitts, Frogged Mitt

I made some "fingerless mitts/wrist warmers" lately. The first pair, I used some "super saver" camoflauge yarn I had on hand. I used ribbing, garter stitch and ribbing, with a slight increase at one point in the side to maybe give a more fitted feel, I guess it turned out OK. Not totally thrilled, but it does seem to fit better. I may have to play around with that feature. Also, perhaps make the top section of ribbing a little narrower.

The second set I made are of some thrift store "super saver" yarn, and the label said "Ranch Red." Well, since I love ranch-y stuff, that was fun. They are more straight-sided, with ribbing, garter stitch and ribbing. Again, may have to make that top section of ribbing a little narrower.

The third kind that I have started to work on are made with a "smaller" yarn (Lion Brand "Amazing," which I love) on smaller needles, so I tried to figure out how many stitches, gauge, etc., and plowed through to the end of one of the mitts. (Did ribbing, stockinette stitch, and garter stitch.) Well, when I got done and wrapped it around my hand and arm to see how it was going to fit width-wise, it was TOO BIG. Not a whole lot, but enough to be too much even by my standards of liking things a little on the loose side. So ... with a mostly-wool yarn that has a good amound of "fuzz" to it, I am frogging it (ripping it apart), and will REDO THE WHOLE THING with less stitches per row, I think I have it figured out, and see if it'll work better. I sure hope it does, because I love the color, the yarn, and the fact that they'll be longer. If I can just be patient and slow and careful with that fuzzy yarn that doesn't want to come apart too well!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Fair Results

Fair results on yarn projects from the local fair a few weeks ago:

(Don't ask me why the words are all mis-matched with the pictures. Who knows!)

Crocheted tote.

Crocheted shell afghan/throw.

Cotton yarn coaster with plastic backing.

Knitted socks and knitted baby blanket.


Eight of the ten snoods for a customer.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Abstract Cats"

I've had more fun working on this .... it's easy, fast, and a good way to use up scraps. It's only taking so long because I let it sit so much while I've been doing other stuff. ha ha

Even though it's a good way to use scraps, you could also color-coordinate it intentionally. I like those first colors I used (yellow-blue-white-pink), plus I keep thinking of a red-pink-white combo, or even school colors. Plus you can make any size you want. Anyway, it's fun to see those rows and rows of "cats." :)

More Recent Finishes

"Scrubbie" dishcloth and scrubber, knit with netting throughout.

A BIG thing .... my first-ever pair of socks! And wow are they COMFY! I plan to make more.

A snood for a customer.

"Easy Stripe-y Baby Blanket" from Knit 1-2-3 Magazine, Issue #5.

Crocheted coasters - cotton yarn with plastic backing (recycled plastic lids).

Basketweave dishcloths.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Finish and Start

Finished the baby/toddler blanket - pattern called "Project Linus Blanket" from Crochet 1-2-3 magazine.

Then, started "Easy Stripe-y Baby Blanket" from Knit 1-2-3 magazine.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Progress on the "Project Linus" blanket ...

... only 2 or 3 more "sections" to go.

And ... approaching the toe of the sock. Exciting!