Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Vintage Leaves

Growing up at home, Mom had some crocheted "leaves" made from a white yarn that she used either on chair arms, or as "doilies" on an end table or such. I didn't keep them, not sure where they even went. But a while back, I was looking at some fall crochet stuff on the internet. All of a sudden, a pattern for these cropped up. "AHHHH!!! IT'S THOSE LEAVES!!!! I MUST MAKE SOME!!!!" So I got obsessed with these for awhile and crocheted up quite a stack of them. These are smaller, and have little curliques at the ends of the rows, but they're basically the same as the ones I remember that Mom made. I think these are supposed to be "dishcloths," but you could use them as coasters, pot holders, decorations, whatever. Anyway, I sure had fun, both making them, and remembering "home" a little.