Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fingers Were Made Before Knitting Needles

Came across some "finger knitting" videos on YouTube, so I just HAD to try it. Talk about fun and quick! Hilarious.

Knitting in progress:

Finished decorative scarf:

I used a small leftover ball of Homespun "Purple Haze." It's thick and soft, and was fun to do with this method. Must ... make ... more ... a great way to use leftover yarn!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Two New Projects

Like I need two new projects! I counted on my Ravelry project page and I have TEN "WIPs" (Works-In-Progress). But nevertheless, they're started. And I'm enjoying them. I seem to be moving into a "challenging" phase in knitting - pushing myself to learn new stitches and such.

This first one is called "Wingspan." It's a small shawl made of offset triangles, ending with an overall curved shape. The new things for this project are knitting a triangle shape, and adding on cast-on stitches. This photo shows the start of it. Earlier this evening I finished this first triangle, and started on the second. The pattern calls for eight triangles, but you can customize this shawl however you want with more or less triangles and such.

This pattern called for size 4 circular needles, but I don't have such a critter in my knitting tools. I had size 4 straight (flexible plastic) needles that were my mom's, so I started on these. But I realized I was REALLY going to need the length of the circular needles as the project wore on, so I started over on the smallest circular needles I had, size 8. So far so good, I like the looser feel it has - the size 4 was almost giving a dense, "carpet" feel to it. So this may turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

The second project, also just started, is awesome. I wanted a "lacy" scarf of some kind. I found this pattern called "Cashsilk Fern," and loved the viney-lacy pattern in it. Since I learned yarnovers in recent times, they don't intimidate me anymore. It called for size 3 needles. I was sure I had everything but size 1, but I can't find the size 3's for anything. So .... I picked up the size 4 flexible-plastic needles "discarded" from the other new project, and cast on. Only one size difference will hopefully not be too much. So off I go with probably the most challenging project to date for me ... this photo shows the beginning of what I hope will turn out to be a fun, pretty scarf.

Barely cast on:

Getting a good start on the beginning rows and I'm LOVING the pattern:

Both yarns are "Shimmer" by Red Heart, "Purple Haze" for the "Wingspan" shawl, and "Lime" for the "Cashsilk Fern" scarf.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Morning's Work

This morning's yarn work all lined up ... along with some iced coffee!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Trying to get very brave and jump into something very, very challenging ... knitting socks. The new things in this project will be knitting with DPN's, and that "heel area" on the sock that is intimidating the snot out of me! But ... I'm ready to try!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shawl Finish and Flowery Granny Square Start

Talk about taking a break! Almost 3 months ago, I posted about the "Splendid Triangle Shawl." So, above is the finished shawl. Since the yarn was thinner, it turned out smaller, sort of like big scarf. But I enjoyed the pattern, and learned a lot. Will post some more other things done lately, but for now, here is the most recently-started project, a pattern I found on YouTube called "Loopy Granny Square - Flower." I really like it, and hope to make an afghan out of a bunch of squares, and maybe put it in the local fair in August.