Monday, November 2, 2015

Warm and Colorful

Found a poor, lone skein of colorful Lion Brand Wool-ease Thick-and-quick at wallyworld recently. There were lots of other dark and neutral colors, but this colorful skein was all by itself. To me with my "western" mind set, these colors seemed to say "southwestern" or "cowgirl," reminding me of those old-timey Navajo blankets with the big, colorful stripes.

(Image from the web,, "Vintage Pendleton Glacier Park Blanket.")

I could just picture this yarn as a scarf with a denim jacket or such. (Name of color is "Hudson Bay.")

Started a garter stitch scarf on size 11 needles.

But I felt the stitches were a bit "dense," and not much "give," so I ripped back and started it again on size 15 needles.

So far so good, and it's working up quickly. So much, that I got two more skeins (one each of two different colors) for something more to work on. On the left is "Sequoia," and on the right is "Oatmeal."

If it's a cold winter, WE'RE GONNA NEED SCARVES. Especially scarves with even a little wool in them.

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